200 reasons to see Sam Haskins' retrospective

Take it from Tommy: "Sam has a refreshing sense of fun in his photography, and manages to capture the balance of a woman's inner and outer beauty." Both types of beauty (especially the outer kind) are on view in Fashion Etcetera, Sam Haskins' Hilfiger-sponsored, 200-piece retrospective at NYC's Milk Gallery, but especially the outer kind. The designer has been an admirer since the sixties, when Haskins' artful, irreverent nudes—like the sly-eyed Gill from Five Girls (above), or the iconic Cowboy Kate, which featured the titular (heh) Wild West-styled Kate often naked but for her gun holster and accompanying pony—brought the South African photographer to fame. The 200-piece exhibition, which is accompanied by a special-edition hardcover sold in Tommy stores, strikes a nice balance between his more recent fashion work (for the likes of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar) and the swinging-sixties cheesecake stuff (call it the etcetera). And it's a show that almost wasn't: Haskins, 82, suffered a stroke just hours before the opening, but we're happy to report he's recovering nicely and hasn't let a minor setback like that keep him from attending to the details. "Even in the emergency room, he was issuing instructions about the lighting in the gallery," his son Ludwig reports.
Sam Haskins: Fashion Etcetera runs through October 26 at Milk Gallery, 450 W. 15th St., NYC, (212) 645-2797, milkstudios.com; special-edition hardcover catalog, $100, available at Tommy Hilfiger stores and tommy.com

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One More Thing...


Spotted after our "In the Closet" shoot at the Smile yesterday: rations for Rogan Gregory's birthday party, hosted by the café that night. Guess those forties he served at his store opening weren't just for show.

Photo: Josh Peskowitz

A Soiree worth attending


Fashion week's over (you can head over to our coverage for the complete details), and, to be honest, we're a little sad to see it go. As a fond farewell, here's one last show we didn't review: Soiree, Agent Provocateur's new line of "couture" lingerie.

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Photo: Courtesy of Agent Provocateur

One More Thing...

Looked at one way, you might call Ron Fashion Week's unlikeliest attendee.

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Gaelic for "tasty"


The Glenlivet's new Nàdurra Triumph 1991 hits stores this fall, and like the original Nàdurra (Gaelic for "natural"), this one is non-chill filtered (a whisky-geek technicality) and bottled at full strength. (In other words, natural.) Unlike the original, Triumph is an American exclusive, sourced only from a single strain of barley—that would be Triumph barley, no longer used at the distillery—and all taken from casks sealed in 1991. It's got notes of apple, pear, and wood, light and bright—an elegant tipple for longtime fans and newbies alike. And if such things impress you, it's a "limited" release—though with 1,500 cases on hand, that might be stretching the term a bit. Then again, these continue to be serious, whisky-drinking times.
$85, available in November; glenlivet.com

Photo: Courtesy of Glenlivet
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One More Thing...

The internet security company McAfee released its annual report on the most dangerous celebrities to search for in cyberspace, the ones most associated with spyware and malware. Top of the list? Jessica Biel, no doubt for her, ahem, revealing performance in Powder Blue. We've bravely risked our own PCs to protect yours. Here's what you're looking for.

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We saw this one coming

Eighteen stories of floor-to-ceiling windows is a recipe for one thing: a ton of very public sex (and the occasional naked girl on trampoline). Or so say the neighbors of NYC's Standard hotel, who've been treated (or sentenced, depending on your perspective) to near-constant exhibitionism from hotel guests since it opened. The New York Post reports today that NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn vows to end the adult entertainment overlooking the family-friendly High Line park; local pervs advise that Saturday night is the best time to scope out the proceedings until she succeeds. Purple's Olivier Zahm could not be reached for comment.

Photo: Olivier Zahm/purple-diary.com
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Don't worry, get eyewear

There are things we want to purchase and then there are things we are just happy to know exist. Irie Eyewear fits into the latter category. The reasonably priced line of shades, hemp cases, and organic tees was founded in 2007 "out of a basic need for quality sunglasses and product surrounding cannabis culture." That's a basic need we hadn't really felt, but the founders want so much to spread the word that they'll even send you a free pair. The business model may be cannabis-influenced, but at around $40, even if you pay full price for these glasses, you'll still have plenty of money to contribute to "the culture." (Not that we'd endorse that.)
$35.99, available at irieeyewear.com

[via Sunglasses Onstage]

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One More Thing...

Vice does what Vice does best, and asks the hard-hitting (i.e., dirty) questions. Recently, the magazine turned its gaze to supertall girls to find out how Amazonian proportions affect life, love, and lust. Sample exchange: "How easy is it to look under your skirt?" "It depends how attractive you are." Hey, ladies...

Photo: Kurt Prinz/viceland.com
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One More Thing...


We're not sure if these 17-breasted decorative fireplace panels make us wish we had been invited to a party at Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione's Connecticut manse, or glad we weren't. They went on the block yesterday along with the Gooch's other tasteful, seized-by-creditors treasures.

[via Gawker]

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