One More Thing...

We must admit, we find it hard to look at this oddly appealing pic without making reference—however obliquely—to M. Zahm's other preferred photographic subject.

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Photo: Olivier Zahm
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At ENK, Las Vegas: Agave Jeans


I touched down in Vegas for the men's trade shows today just in time for a sweltering spell of 110-degree weather, so I figured it was as good a time as any to take the temperature—metaphorically, that is—of the market. Anecdotally: The shows are smaller and leaner than they once were, but the thinning of the herd has only strengthened the determination of the designers and salespeople who've remained. They're lowering prices and stepping up their game.

None more than L.A.'s Agave Jeans. The brand has been around for a few years, and to be honest, its overdetailed Angeleno styling hasn't always been my favorite. But the new, more understated Agave Silver line made me reconsider. The pants, made of supersoft Japanese brushed cotton, are cut in a five-pocket-jean style. The black pair is woven with a subtle herringbone pattern; the gray hides it on the inside. (It's visible when the cuffs are rolled—see detail, below.) If even the land of Ed Hardy is going to start practicing restraint, I've got a good feeling about what's to come.

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Another Common Project

As the old saying goes, you can judge a man by the company he keeps. If that's the case, high marks for Common Projects' Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, who have been collaborating with some of menswear's best and brightest of late: Moscot, on a seriously covetable set of shades; Patrik Ervell, for runway-only shoes (a few pairs of which aren't so runway-only); and now, United Bamboo, for two limited-edition low-top styles in fall-ready gray and brown plaid wool. Given this latest in a string of successes, maybe we'd better turn things around and judge the other guys by the Common Projects company they keep—or just fall back on another old saying instead: Everybody wins.
$330, available in September exclusively at;

Photos: Courtesy of Common Projects and United Bamboo
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Don't stop 'til you get enough

Jackson Style

Does the world need even one more Michael Jackson tribute? As Mark Healy's photos on GQ's The Q argue, actually, yeah. Spike Lee's 51st-birthday block party for the fallen singer this weekend showed that Jackson style is still reverberating with a new generation—one that's putting its own spin on his standard accoutrements. Our favorite, at left; head over to The Q for more.

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Rick Owens' Tokyo drift

Rick Owens has a substantial following in Japan, so the biggest surprise about his new Aoyama flagship is only that it didn't open sooner. It's a beautiful space, with floor-to-ceiling windows, multi-panel mirrors, and as in all of his stores, a few pieces of art selected by Owens himself. Not at this location, for better or worse: a life-size bust of the designer's severed head. Given that the shop will have the main Owens line as well as the DRKSHDW sub-line and Rick Owens Furniture, it's a trade-off we're ready to accept.
Rick Owens Tokyo, 6-5-55 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 011-81-03-6805-0036,

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Photo: Courtesy of Rick Owens
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This Just In: Maxx & Unicorn at Alter

We missed them the first time around, but we're glad to report that Maxx & Unicorn's bi-fold wallets are now back in at Brooklyn's Alter. The slim, grained leather wallet, hand-made in Alter's own neighborhood of Greenpoint, has a cleverly folded, origami-esque design that's totally of the moment, though it's actually based on a pattern from the forties. So, apparently, is the price. At $85, it's the rare billfold that will leave you with a twenty or two left to store in it.
$85, available at Alter, 109 Franklin St., Brooklyn, (718) 349-0203,

Photo: Alter

Big sound, small package


Since talking headphones with audiophiles can be an exercise in high-frequency-response futility, we're loath to weigh in on the contretemps over Grado's new in-ear GR8 buds. (Briefly: Does the legendary Brooklyn-based company, famous for products like their $1,000 GS-1000 cans, have any business making buds? Where do they get off selling these things for $300?) We'll simply note that the myriad geeky specs on the GR8s easily pass muster—the moving armature driver in particular (in short, it's the most efficient way to produce a lot of sound from very little power). Our only (and completely non-audio-related) beef: Why does the cable need to be more than four feet long?

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Photo: Robert Williams
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Datebook: 8.31.09

Five things worth knowing today

- The US Open begins today in Queens, with Federer, Murray, Roddick, and Nadal all vying for the men's cup.
- That may get most of the television coverage, of course, but the real action's in Wales, where the World Bog Snorkeling Championship begins today. Exactly what it sounds like? Why, yes it is! Wimbledon whites definitely not recommended.
- And on BET, hip-hop up-and-comer (and Mark Ronson protégé) Wale is the subject of the latest Rising Icon treatment.
- Today in 1888, Mary Ann Nichols, the first of Jack the Ripper's known victims, was murdered in London.
- And today in 1948, Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker was born. If there's a song more finely calibrated for Monday morning blasting than "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (below), we haven't heard it. We probably should apologize in advance to everybody in the cubicles next to yours (and ours), but you know what? We're not sorry.

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One More Thing...

Behold the less-than-brave new look of Vintage Contemporaries. And just when the original designs were starting to look iconic instead of eighties-tacky...

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Photo: Vintage

This Just In: Hyden Yoo at Oak

Get ready for the return of sweater weather. Hyden Yoo's fall knitwear is now in at Oak, and once again, Yoo's less-is-more designs are winners. Curious: Most of the pieces are named for literary giants: Thackeray, Shakespeare, Keats. (It's looking to be a literary season: Bright Star, a Keats biopic, hits theaters this September, too.) The wool-cashmere-blend Shakespeare sweater (pictured) doesn't look like anything the Bard would've worn, but no need to be sticklers for accuracy. We'll take the shawl collar over the Elizabethan ruff any day. Unlike the frill, you don't need a canon of plays under your belt to attempt it.
$210, available at

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