A topless GranTurismo

Maserati's first-ever top-down four-seater, the GranCabrio, has been the subject of spy shots and speculation throughout its top-secret development—hard top or canvas roof? Would the rear seats really survive the transformation of the Pininfarino-sculpted GranTurismo from a coupe to a convertible? Today's official announcement should put all that to rest. (For the record: canvas, and yes.) Power comes via a 4.7-liter, 433-hp engine from the GranTurismo S (the "S" stands for "sport," though it may as well be "speed"); legroom comes from the longest wheelbase of any convertible on the market; headroom comes from God—or Mother Nature, depending on your inclinations.
About $179,000; orders taken this winter, with delivery in spring 2011; maserati.com

[via Autoblog]

Photo: Maserati
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