A new-look MINI celebrates 50

A half century ago today, Alec Issigonis' first Mini rolled off British Motor Corporation assembly lines. The thing handled like a go-kart—both in the good way and the bad way—and featured storage spaces in the doors the size and shape of gin bottles. Ten years ago (just before BMW took over the company), it was voted the second-most-influential car of the century, behind the Model T. For its 50th birthday, BMW's celebrating with a toe-dip into the future: the two-seater MINI coupe concept, with a swept-back windshield and a turbo 1.6-liter, 211-hp engine built for speed—or, at least, as much speed as can be harnessed by a car sometimes derided by gearheads as a mere toy. But love it or hate it, 50 years of inspiring dissent is an achievement in and of itself. Even Johnny Rotten's only 53, after all.

[via Autoblog]

Photo: Mini
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