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Atelier van Lieshout's Liquor Master bar cabinet. Finally, someone thought to repurpose a Yeti.

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Kickstand kicks


On the off chance you missed its brick-and-mortar debut at Berlin's Solebox sneaker emporium this past Saturday, the limited-edition Adidas Zeitfrei urban-cycling-culture (read: fixie) shoe hits Hypebeast today. The streetwear blog collaborated in making the Zeitfrei, which sports unobtrusive reflective tape, a neoprene pocket to stow your lace ends—much better than stowing them on your bike's chain ring—and a doppelgänger bottom tread that handles bike pedals and sidewalks with equal aplomb. Each shoe—the run is limited to 50—comes with a Cordura cycling cap and a couple of bags, though the buyer is expected to provide the bike, the beard, and the super-skinny jeans.

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House of rain and fog


Credit Burberry for making a night of rain at an outdoor party seem custom-ordered. ("Are you kidding?" Christopher Bailey quipped to a reporter. "We brought this weather in special from London, just for tonight.") Bailey and CEO Angela Ahrendts hosted a few hundred fashion types—plus the odd pro-hockey player or two and the usual smattering of actors, from pap-bait (apparently) Justin Long to a handful of the Gossip Girl kids—to witness the virgin lighting of the four 50-foot-wide "Burberry" signs that crown the company's new North American headquarters in midtown. The party itself was across the street (better vantage point, obviously) on the roof deck of the Palace Hotel; by our reckoning, another 15 floors up and the Burberry signs across the street would have been as invisible as most of the rest of Manhattan. But it was a nearsighted, close-knit kind of party, one that afforded plenty of views of celebrities dancing badly. (Note to DJs: Don't play "Jump Around." People will.) Things improved when Bailey's friend George Craig (also a Burberry model) led his band One Night Only through a rousing short set interrupted only by a New Year's Eve-ish countdown—at 9:22 p.m., mind you—before the switch was flicked on. The lights worked—and so did the Champagne, apparently: Either the dancing got better, or the fog was getting thicker.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene
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The suit makes the manager?


Page Six reports today that Keith McNally has decided to outfit managers and hosts at two outposts of his downtown eatery empire—Balthazar and Pravda—in $1,200 black suits from...the Argentine brand Etiqueta Negra. Keith: Etiqueta Negra? Really? No offense, but this is a brand whose Web site Google recommends we not visit for fear of spyware attacks. Its shop's next door to Pravda, but let's face it: $1,200 goes pretty far in this market. Couldn't you have ventured out a bit further? Paul Smith (a stone's throw away at Greene and Houston streets) has a nice two-button number that's even Italian-made. The suits at Michael Andrews Bespoke on Clinton Street may not be made in Italy, but they are custom (great for that beanpole who works Wednesdays at Balthazar) and within your price range. Or, if you could find just a couple hundred extra bucks, there's a really nice Dolce & Gabbana suit available for $1,395 (and that's list price, mind you) at Bergdorf's. Though that is all the way up on 57th Street.

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Stuff We Like: Coors Original


As with most important pieces of writing, this one begins with a reference to Smokey and the Bandit. In Hal Needham's seminal 1977 film, Burt Reynolds plays Bo "Bandit" Darville, who, in exchange for $80,000, agrees to move 400 cases of contraband Coors from Texas to Georgia so that a couple of good old boys can have a right party. The movie raked in over $126 million ($450 million today) at the box office, and, for me, gave concrete form to a five-year-old's foggy notions of adulthood—it was gonna be one giant high-speed carnival of semi trucks, CB radios, and black Trans Ams. It pains me to report that I'm a pathetic 0 for 3 on that count, although I have managed to develop quite a taste for Coors.

This may sound absurd to anyone born after 1975, but there was actually a time when Coors—and I mean Coors, not the watered-down Silver Bullet stuff your girlfriend drank on spring break—was, bar none, beer of choice for the man's man. Both Hud and the real-life Paul Newman loved the stuff. Tom Waits was known to knock back a few. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young swilled it while hanging out in Laurel Canyon (okay, so Nash was never quite a paragon of masculinity, but back in the day Stephen Stills was a country-blues-slinging demigod—look it up). And what did The Graduate's Benjamin Braddock take to drinking while drifting in the pool after getting his first taste of red-hot American cougar? Coors.


Aside from a passion for the one true Banquet Beer, what these guys have in common is that they did their drinking on either Pacific or Mountain Time. Because until 1981, Coors was only available west of the Mississippi. This helps explain why Universal could plausibly concoct a Burt Reynolds flick out of little more than a mondo beer run across the Deep South, and why Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski was known to load up the team plane with cases of Coors after a swing out West. Rumor has it even President Gerald Ford liked to smuggle the stuff back home on Air Force One, and my father, a corporate pilot, regularly employed the same technique after shuttling some bigwigs out to Denver. I can still picture him walking in the door with a triumphant grin, briefcase in one hand and case of Coors in the other. I would have been pretty young, but I was old enough to know that what was in that case was some pretty cool shit.

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Datebook: 5.29.09

Five things worth knowing today

- Summer's as good an excuse as any to lose the beardo look. Starting tomorrow, Kiehl's—which makes a pretty good shaving cream, if we do say so ourselves—hosts its first annual Shave Swap: Bring your own shaving cream (any brand), walk out with a tube of theirs.
- In theaters today, Sam Raimi returns to the world of horror with Drag Me to Hell.
- Most likely not to be found at an opening-night screening of Drag Me to Hell: The blessed men and women celebrated today on International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.
- Today in 1973, Tom Bradley was elected the first black mayor of L.A. (and the second black mayor ever in the U.S.).
- And today in 1984, Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony was born. Below, clips from a classic Melo game—one in which the kid hit 33 points in a quarter to tie the league record.

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One More Thing...


Launching today: Jacques magazine, a new "luxury erotic" publication that shoots on film and promises no airbrushing or Photoshopping. (And, no great surprise, the first issue features Paz de la Huerta.) Works for us.

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Loose Ends: 5.28.09

Four things we learned today

- In a rousing bid for gender-equal economic predictions, Alan Greenspan has dismissed the vaunted hemline index in favor of…the Manty Index? Sales of men's underwear have at least leveled off, ergo: The worst of our hard times is over. Still…that's before he heard about these.
- In one of the oddest live television bitch-slapping sessions we've seen, MSNBC's Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, and David Gregory laid into each other's wardrobe choices with an almost teenage cattiness. We give the edge to Todd: "Nothing like getting fashion advice from Scarborough.… Like, what page in the Land's End catalog?"
- Microsoft unveiled the name of its new search engine, which apparently incorporates similar features as found on last week's Big New Thing search engine, Wolfram Alpha, and launches on Wednesday. It's called Bing…or, as early hater-geeks are already dubbing it, "Boy, It's Not Google."
- Finally, the cool kids at Pitchfork have rendered a verdict on the much-anticipated hour-long, free-download material from the Mountain Dew-commercializing, Entourage-soundtracking Cool Kids. The verdict? Not so cool.


Hell-bent for leather


DH1, Kris Van Assche's new line of leather bags for Dior Homme, aims to bring a little form—flair, even—to the function of whatever you're toting around now. They're minimal without scrimping on buckled shoulder straps and zippered pockets, making them particularly well suited to the weekend or the gym—though if you're paying four digits for your gym bag, we're guessing maybe someone else is carrying your stuff for you.
$1,780, available in New York and L.A. stores in July,

Photo: Courtesy of Dior Homme
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Eau de Downturn


The Fragrance Foundation held its annual FiFi awards last night, with much of the pomp and circumstance of the Oscars: There was a star-studded red carpet, high tensions, tears, and, of course, shock and amazement among the celebrity winners. ("This is just like one of those weird dreams that you just accept and you're happy that you dreamt it," said Diddy, pictured, whose Obama-inspired I Am King for Sean John won Fragrance of the Year in the Men's Luxe category.) But according to Barneys' Simon Doonan, even plebs can get a little "fashion and celebrity" from a good cologne, and the right one will make you "a little more ready to face the world because you're just reeking something fabulous." Even, that is, when the world isn't smelling quite as great. Among so many olfactory experts, we had to ask: What does a recession smell like?

"Smells like teen spirit," said Marc Jacobs, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame. (He was wearing Terre d'Hermès.) "It stinks like…stank garbage," pronounced Diddy. Dustin Hoffman, who in leaner years worked as a fragrance tester for Maxwell House coffee, said scar tissue in his nose had impaired his sense of smell, but he still couldn't escape the stench of the economy: "It smells like shit, but that's what anyone would say." Not Ralph Lauren model Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras. "Smells good to me," the professional polo player told us. "I was just named the face of the World of Polo fragrances. I have a three-year contract." His favorite scent? "I like the way horses smell."

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