The wisdom of West

The multifaceted brand that is Kanye West continues its expansion with his new book of wit and wisdom, Thank You and You're Welcome (co-authored with J. Sakiya Sandifer). We got our hands on a copy of the neon-hued, 52-page volume, which is vintage Yeezy. Here, five of our favorite pieces of advice.
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04:11:08 PM on

I think that"Never Complain without offering a solution" is right on.I see these people every time I go to work,and it's true those people never have a solution to any problems,much less their own.

04:11:08 PM on

I'm glad to see the feature even if this has been out since last spring and was also given out for free during 'Ye's Glow In The Dark Tour.

So, um... late pass?

04:11:08 PM on

all this Kanye West coverage is so disappointing from an otherwise awesome site.

04:11:08 PM on

why is it disappointing?

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