Loose Ends: 4.29.09

Four things we learned today

- All the votes have been counted in Complex magazine's competition to determine the best-dressed rapper of all time. And the winner? Kanye, convincingly, over Jay-Z. (In earlier action, André 3000 was knocked out by Pharrell in the round of eight.)
- Though the focus at next month's Cannes festival is rightly on the new stuff, the lineup for the restored-and-rediscovered Classics section has been announced; expect new prints of Godard's Pierrot le Fou, Antonioni's L'avventura, and Martin Scorsese presenting Emeric Pressburger's The Red Shoes.
- The new Wilco album, which drops June 11, now has a title: Wilco (The Album). One of the songs on it is called "Wilco, The Song." Yours truly, Fan (Tired of Waiting).
- Finally, if you'll indulge us one more time with this Sasha Grey business, we'll be done with it. It's just that Theo Wenner's got some interesting photos from her Rolling Stone shoot up online. We'll leave it up to you to determine whether she lives up to their title of "Dirtiest Girl in the World."


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