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It's official: A Continuous Lean blogger (and regular contributor) Michael Williams now has his own label. Look for it affixed to a new line of canvas and tweed bags late this summer.

Photo: Michael Williams

Loose Ends: 4.30.09

Four things we learned today

- Old news: According to a new poll, more than half the people with an extra hundred grand on their hands feel guilty when spending it on luxury goods. New news: It's not because they have too much of the stuff; it's because they're scared of running out of it.
- For both gamers and gamer-haters, a must-read in the NME with a tell-us-how-you-really-feel headline: "'Guitar Hero' Is Building a Generation of Meat-Headed, Knuckle-Dragging Morons."
- Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's excuse for trying to recruit actresses, beauty queens, and other "showgirl" candidates for his party to run for office? He was merely doing his part to address the "malodorous and badly dressed people who represent certain parties in parliament."
- Finally, courtesy of our sister site, something we never thought we'd say. Chef Boyardee: Pretty hot.


Designs of the times


The 10th annual National Design Awards were announced today by Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and while the winners and finalists across the eight categories include the usual greatest-minds-of-our-generation, we'd like to call attention to a particular few: Thom Browne, nominated for the second year in a row for Fashion Design (though Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa will be taking home the honors); Boym Partners for Product Design (their History Chess set, comprising 32 iconic totems of America's last hundred years, from the Coca-Cola bottle to the Unabomber's cabin and the sinking Titanic, is pictured here); and Amory Lovins, the special recipient of the Design Mind award. Lovins' work with Colorado's Rocky Mountain Institute has taken on challenges from reinventing the car as we know it to turning Wal-Mart into a force for (positive) environmental change—a feat which should come with its own award.

Photo: Courtesy of Copper-Hewitt National Design Museum

The wisdom of West

The multifaceted brand that is Kanye West continues its expansion with his new book of wit and wisdom, Thank You and You're Welcome (co-authored with J. Sakiya Sandifer). We got our hands on a copy of the neon-hued, 52-page volume, which is vintage Yeezy. Here, five of our favorite pieces of advice.
$8, available at

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Black tie optional, apparently

There was plenty to see during the New Museum's UnGala last night, held at 7 World Trade Center, even without the sweeping sunset views of lower Manhattan. Strolling amid new work by Ai Weiwei and huge flower altars by Garin Baura were performance artists of all stripes, from leggy disco drag queens and leather-clad macho men to one young gentleman dressed in a mesh ass-less caterpillar costume, who delighted revelers with a particularly appropriate rendition of the Worm. Those taking in the sights included Debbie Harry, Glenn O'Brien, Marilyn Minter, honorees John Baldessari and Mark Bradford, and the evening's emcee, John Waters. This being an ungala, the dress code was ungallant to match. (Technically: "Glam!") "I picked a white suit because I wanted to stand out in the sea of black you usually find at these things," said James Franco, the evening's host, pausing to take a picture with a jock-strap-and-kaffiyeh-clad fan. "But I guess I didn't need to worry about that."

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Lone Star Ligne

French interiors and design company Ligne Roset has been a presence in the U.S. for over 20 years, but its new concept store (pictured), which opened recently in Texas, is the brand's first anywhere. (It does have an LR-designed and -furnished restaurant, Apiary, in New York.) Austinites, enjoy your bragging rights. Something tells us next year's SXSW just got a lot more comfortable.
201 W. 2nd St., Austin, Texas, (512) 320-0778,

Photo: Courtesy of Ligne Roset

This Just In: Zig Zag style at Supreme

Don't call it a comeback. But the casual low-tops known as Zig Zags, spotted in shoe-repair shops for years, are having something of a moment. Used by Obedient Sons for their final presentation and currently seen on the feet of downtowners everywhere, the canvas kicks have just been given the stamp of approval by Supreme, which upped the ante (and the price) with its own signature red edition. They're also available in navy, white, black, and brown, but if you ask me, the subtly logoed, soon-to-be-summer-staple comes across strongest in the primary color.
$68, available at Supreme stores and

Photo: Corrie Vierregger

Datebook: 4.30.09

Five things worth knowing today

- All Dutchmen gather to celebrate Queen's Day, the Netherlands' largest national holiday. The rabble-rousing is apparently especially spirited in Amsterdam, but then, when is it not?
- Meanwhile in that other great world capital, Pittsburgh, the city's annual wine festival is held today.
- Hipster-adored—but nevertheless actually pretty great—rocker Lissy Trullie plays (Le) Poisson Rouge. Her tour of world (or at least New York) domination continues apace, so we figure you may as well give in sooner than later.
- Today in 1927, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford had their footprints memorialized outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the first celebrities to do so.
- And today 1933, country icon (and Half Baked cameo star) Willie Nelson was born. Below, the man, the braids, the legend: Willie performs his classic "Always on My Mind."

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One More Thing... Public Ad Campaign, NYC

Last weekend, the guerrilla group the Public Ad Campaign, which protests the ubiquity of outdoor advertising by illegally replacing it with works of art, staged one of its "unauthorized public installations" throughout the city. Above, the "after" shot, Bowery and E. 5th Street.

Photo: Barbara Celis /

Loose Ends: 4.29.09

Four things we learned today

- All the votes have been counted in Complex magazine's competition to determine the best-dressed rapper of all time. And the winner? Kanye, convincingly, over Jay-Z. (In earlier action, André 3000 was knocked out by Pharrell in the round of eight.)
- Though the focus at next month's Cannes festival is rightly on the new stuff, the lineup for the restored-and-rediscovered Classics section has been announced; expect new prints of Godard's Pierrot le Fou, Antonioni's L'avventura, and Martin Scorsese presenting Emeric Pressburger's The Red Shoes.
- The new Wilco album, which drops June 11, now has a title: Wilco (The Album). One of the songs on it is called "Wilco, The Song." Yours truly, Fan (Tired of Waiting).
- Finally, if you'll indulge us one more time with this Sasha Grey business, we'll be done with it. It's just that Theo Wenner's got some interesting photos from her Rolling Stone shoot up online. We'll leave it up to you to determine whether she lives up to their title of "Dirtiest Girl in the World."

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