GQ Goes to Blogs with Balls 1.0

Tuesday  June 16, 2009

01 Atmosphere

On Saturday, June 13th, hundreds of current and aspiring sports bloggers assembled in New York City for the first-ever Blogs with Balls convention to debate the future of sports media. Part networking, part discussion, the all-day conference was a live platform for big hitters like ESPN, Real Clear Sports, and Deadspin to share their words of wisdom with newbie bloggers and argue over a few pints of Guinness about the rise of new media and which athletes are ‘roid raging (FYI: the majority conceded that Raul Ibanez is probably clean).

Following the event, GQ hosted a post-game party at Foley’s, an Irish sport’s pub in midtown Manhattan, where conversation passed from the athletic to the adolescent, as bar talk often does. What did we learn? Well, at least three things:

1. Twitter is kind of a big deal.

2. Bethlehem Shoals, of and The Sporting News, is really, really into Ricky Rubio.

3. And an aggressively masculine name, like Blogs with Balls, doesn’t entirely deter females from attending (as evidenced by the following photos).—rafi kohan

Picture 2
Glenn Jacobs and Christopher Sheridan of ESPN

06 Kohan_TK_McCarthy_Shoals_Lowe
Rafi Kohan, Arielle Garber, Ryan McCarthy of Huffington Post, Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko, Laurence Lowe of GQ

08 Fierman_Spain_Penn
GQ senior editor Dan Fierman, Sarah Spain of Mouthpiece Sports, GQ correspondent Nate Penn

11 Patrick_Hessert
Hannah Patrick and Kathleen Hessert of Sports Media Challenge

09 Wilson_Ufford
Corey Wilson of GQ, Matt Ufford of With Leather

05 TK_Don
Brandon Williams of Taylor PR, Don Povia of Blogs With Balls and HHR Media Group

12 Lyndon_Pyatt_Nelson
Anna Lyndon and Jeff Pyatt of Real Clear Sports, Amy K. Nelson of ESPN

13 Atmosphere

02 Jose Cuervo Silver Shot Girls
Jose Cuervo Silver shot girls

03 Atmosphere

GQ Goes to Bonnaroo: Saturday, June 13th

Sunday  June 14, 2009


The Mars Volta play Bonnaroo's second biggest stage
The Mars Volta play Bonnaroo's second biggest stage

At this year's Bonnaroo, a reunited Phish is playing the main stage twice during primetime, but the real headlining slot is Saturday night and that belonged to The Boss. We realize this is a sacrilege, but Springsteen's much-hyped set was a disappointment. He sounded like a caricature of himself—songs about oil and Youngstown and a silly character called "Outlaw Pete" were as unconvincing as the between-song banter about "building a house of love out of music." At times he sounded less like a rock star and more like T.D. Jakes. It brought us back to his over-dramatic halftime performance at the Super Bowl, where Bruce took showmanship to almost comedic levels. That said, we were as locked in as anyone for "Thunder Road"—and the many times he shared a mic with Little Steven.

Jumbotron Boss
Jumbotron Boss

Earlier in the day, the Mars Volta helped us fight through a brutal hangover with their set built on riffs, hard-hitting drums, and the serpentine onstage gyrations of singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Off-duty Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood also played a set in support of his new solo record Murdering Oscar, then rejoined the DBT's for a gig with the legendary organist Booker T. Jones.

The evening hours were spent on our tour bus (dubbed "Easy Money") in preparation for The Boss, but late-night was about a turn through the parking lot—"Shakedown Street" as it's called—where the kids camp out and get high. Nitrous tanks, mushrooms, MDMA, and blessedly mellow cops on horseback seemed to be the vibe, all of which (except the cops) segued nicely into a late-night set by MGMT. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (in facepaint) were in the V.I.P., as was a super-incognito Springsteen. Who cares, though? This is Bonnaroo. Like everyone else there, we were zooming on our own particular cocktail and getting real, real into the music.

Last but not least we'd like to give a big shout out and thank you to the anonymous bro who gave us the keys to his gas-powered golf cart at five in the morning last night. Yes! The spirit of Bonnaroo lives!—will welch

Bobby Bare Jr., Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), and Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)
Bobby Bare Jr., Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), and Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers)

Allain Toussaint in a window pane blazer
Allain Toussaint in a windowpane blazer

Justin Townes Earle
Justin Townes Earle

Karen O
Karen O

Omar and Cedric from the Mars Volta
Omar and Cedric from the Mars Volta

Ben Harper and band talk to VH1
Ben Harper and band talk to VH1

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore rock to MGMT
Justin Long and Drew Barrymore rock to MGMT

'Nuff said

GQ Hits Record Store Day

Wednesday  April 22, 2009


While everyone else is prematurely writing their obits, record stores around the country are banding together to fight. “We’re all pretty stubborn,” says Chris Vanderloo, a manager at Other Music, an East Village institution now in its thirteenth year of business. One way they’re keeping the dream alive? Record Store Day. On Saturday, more than 1,000 stores worldwide, including Other Music, offered in-store performances and promotions for the second annual event. “We weren’t expecting a whole lot,” laughs Vanderloo. “Who’s ever heard of Record Store Day?”

For starters, everyone in the single-file line that wrapped around 3rd Street from 11AM until the store’s closing. They kicked off the festivities with a Sony listening party of Bob Dylan’s Together Through Life (out on April 28) and spun it three times to placate the rabid fans who had fought their way in all morning. The rest of the afternoon, turntables played a different DJ set every hour—from artists like Grizzly Bear and The Raveonettes—while aggressive shoppers waited their turn for 10% off the store’s entire collection. Those unafraid to throw an elbow snagged limited-edition vinyl—from artists like Sonic Youth and Pavement—that labels pressed and sold exclusively for the holiday. As stragglers sifted through the remains of the shelves, indie-folk favorite Bill Callahan performed a low-key, acoustic set to a crowd of dedicated fans that capped off one hell of a day.

Sure, records have had better days. But they’ve also had worse. And if these fans have any say in it, they’ll have many more.—andrew richdale


GQ at Netroots Nation

Tuesday  July 22, 2008

On Friday night, July 18, GQ threw a party in Austin, Texas—in tandem with our friends at The Huffington Post—for the Netroots Nation conference, a yearly gathering of political bloggers. In a town this laid back, it made sense to keep it simple: BBQ and booze. So we rented out Lambert's Downtown Barbecue and set up an open bar. Here's who came out:


Left to right: Roy Sekoff, founding editor of The Huffington Post; blogger Matt Stoller; Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker; GQ deputy editor Michael Hainey.


Former Barack Obama adviser and current Harvard Kennedy School professor Samantha Power, with Duke Law School visiting assistant professor Zephyr Teachout.


Political strategist Matthew Dowd and GQ correspondent Robert Draper.


Jason Linkins of The Huffington Post and GQ correspondent Lisa DePaulo.


Ari Melber of The Nation and Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker.


Roy Sekoff of The Huffington Post and GQ deputy editor Michael Hainey.


Miami congressional candidate Joe Garcia and GQ senior editor Mark Kirby.



New York Times reporter Katharine Seelye and former CBS News producer Mary Mapes.


A Lambert's hostess and GQ online editorial assistant Andrew Richdale.



Birds Barbershop co-owners Michael Portman and wife Erin Portman with GQ multimedia editor Andy Comer.


Washington Post reporter Jose Antonio Vargas and Sirius Radio host Michelangelo Signorile.


Sirius Radio producer David Guggenheim, blogger Pam Spaulding, and Michelangelo Signorile.


GQ director of publicity Dan Scheffey, Huffington Post VP of media relations Mario Ruiz, and Andrew Rasiej, founder of


Chellie Pingree for Congress (Maine) communications director Willy Ritch and Jonathan Tasini, executive director of the Labor Research Association.


GQ multimedia editor Andy Comer, Austin American-Statesman reporter Marques Harper, and GQ manager of publicity Corey Wilson.


Lindsay Patross and Jon Soltz of


GQ publicity team Corey Wilson, Beth Andrews, and Dan Scheffey with The Huffington Post's Mario Ruiz.