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Ciao, Milano



Wow, so that's that; Milano is finito. Heading to Linate airport right now with GQ's creative director Jim Moore and fashion director Madeline Weeks. Hopping a plane to Paris, where I plan to spend tomorrow doing as little as possible, other than shopping for some Isabelle Marant (wife's orders) and some gear at Bonton for my chunky 18-month-old son Marlon.

So, what are the trends from Milan? That's what everyone always wants to know. Well, lots of good stuff, but as Jim Moore just said, we got a mixed bag this week—"kind of all over the place." Not in a bad way, just no dominant trends, per se. Although, Madeline just pointed out that we saw lots of great anoraks and parkas, and even ponchos (Burberry, Moncler Gamme Bleu, DSquared, Gucci et al.). Mixing high style with hi-tech (a dress shirt and slim tie always look great with a heavy winter parka or a spring-weight slicker) is something I've always thought was cool. And if it doesn't stop raining so much in New York, it's a look I'll have to employ as soon as I touch down in NYC on Sunday. Until then, see you in Paris.—a.r.


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