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10 a.m., DSquared



No matter what time you stumbled back to your hotel the night before, the first-thing-in-the-morning DSquared show always gives you a swift kick in the ass, reminding you why you came to Milan in the first place. Imagine—or at least try to—lots of dudes with eight-packs and waxed chests hanging out at a camp site (complete with tents, trees, and a dirt floor) wearing low-slung boxer shorts and rubber rain boots, striding out onto a football-field-long wooden dock (the runway). Layer on top of that plenty of blasting classic rock—from "Sweet Caroline" to Kid Rock's ridiculously cheesy but also ridiculously catchy "All Summer Long"—some ponchos, some backpacks, and some hiking boots, and you've got your basic ass-kicking DSquared show.—a.r.


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