Big sound, small package


Since talking headphones with audiophiles can be an exercise in high-frequency-response futility, we're loath to weigh in on the contretemps over Grado's new in-ear GR8 buds. (Briefly: Does the legendary Brooklyn-based company, famous for products like their $1,000 GS-1000 cans, have any business making buds? Where do they get off selling these things for $300?) We'll simply note that the myriad geeky specs on the GR8s easily pass muster—the moving armature driver in particular (in short, it's the most efficient way to produce a lot of sound from very little power). Our only (and completely non-audio-related) beef: Why does the cable need to be more than four feet long?

[via Engadget]

Photo: Robert Williams
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