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Papa's Got a Brand New One

Ricky Clifton is an artist who is perhaps better known as a decorator, but in fact he's the decorator to the artists, so I guess that makes him an artists' artist.

This is Ricky, showing off his new beard style and trying to scare the kids:


Anyway, whatever you call Ricky, he knows a good gift when he sees one, and a month or so ago he gave me a splendid one. He called it a DJ bag. It's from MZ Wallace, the accessorists located at 93 Crosby Street in Soho, and at the store they call it a "Grant Bag," but in fact it is the perfect bag for DJs, especially those of the vinyl persuasion. This is the bag I took with me to Venice for my last jockeying gig, and it held more than enough vinyl for me to play from midnight until after sunrise.


My bag is the expensive one, made from Kevlar with leather trim, which means it's so strong it's bullet-resistant, so had anyone taken a shot at me, I probably would have survived, along with most of my set. I'm not sure exactly how many 12" discs fit in it, but it's a lot, and they fit snugly and securely. And there's also a zippered compartment that was big enough to hold the few 7" 45s I took along, including Edwin Starr's "War," and William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful for What You Got." According to the store, the Kevlar bag is $350 and the nylon canvas version is $225.

My bag is in camouflage, and perhaps that's why it was the only thing that attracted the attention of security as I was heading to the gate for my plane. Maybe camouflage always gets looked at, but I'm sure that no RPG comes packaged in anything this smart. I recommend it wholeheartedly to DJs and civilians alike.

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