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University Tie R.I.P.

Brooks Brothers brings out the diehard in a guy. Even though 346 Madison Avenue has for all practical purposes ceased to contribute to my wardrobe (except for pajamas), I still drop by once in a while in the hope that they've come to their senses. Some months ago, lo and behold, they had a whole table of ties that looked just right to me.

Now, I know I'm some kind of a nut, but for many years I bought mostly Hermès ties because I considered them to be the ideal width. Here at last were some very nice rep ties that were a perfect 2 7/8" inches wide, labeled Brooks Brothers University. Fantastic! I bought two, and over the next week or so decided that Brooks Brothers was coming to its senses and was on the way back.

Well, I checked in right before Christmas and was told these ties have been discontinued. Here is the University tie, pink and navy, and below it a standard Brooks 3 3/4" inch tie, which I affectionately refer to as a lobster bib. Write to your Congressman!




Sorry to hear Brooks eliminated these. I purchased a great Rep tie and would have bought more if I had known they were going to discontinue them.

For replacements, one option is samhober.com, a family-run bespoke tie-maker. They've added a nice selection of rep stripes, and will make them in any width and construction you like. (Good source of hard-to-find grenadines, too.)

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